WV Board of Education Vision and Goals

Title I believes that:

  • Parent, family, and community involvement at early childhood, middle and adolescent levels is absolutely fundamental to a healthy system of public education.
  • Strong partnerships between homes, schools, and communities are needed to ensure a quality education for all children.
  • Parents, teachers, and community members, by fostering a sense of cooperative responsibility, can reinforce each other’s efforts.
  • Parents, as their children’s first and most enduring teachers, can complement their children’s school learning and behavior by serving as collaborators in the educational process.
  • Community involvement, including strong business partnerships, promotes a safe and supportive school climate that connects students to a broader learning community.
  • The resulting home-school-community partnerships can have a positive effects on parent, teacher and student attitudes, classroom instruction, and student achievement.

The intent of this policy is to provide guidelines for strengthening parent, family, and community involvement in each school.


Our Vision

Our vision for Clay County Title I schools is to support continuous improvement by providing techinical assistance in the areas of
  • Student Achievement
  • Research based practices
  • Comprehensive school reform efforts
  • Data analysis
  • Family involvement
  • Staff Development
  • NCLB Act requirements