AYP Information

Adequate Yearly Progress

Adequate yearly progress (AYP) is required by the United States Depart Education for all districts and schools that get Title I federal funding under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  To make AYP, each school must achieve West Virginia Department of Education  targets on the WV state assessment, the WESTEST, in Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics. To meet these targets, a designated percentage of students must score at the proficiency level designated. To meet targets, 95% of students must take each assessment.  In addition, schools must meet targets for graduation rate and attendance.  All of these standards must be met by all students, measured as a whole, and by each subgroup.  If just one subgroup misses just one target, the entire school doesn’t make AYP.  Only subgroups larger that 50 students count for AYP.  To protect student privacy, the scores of subgroups smaller than 50 will not be reported.

Below you will find the information from the report the West Virginia Department of  Education released on the AYP our schools are making toward achieving proficiency for  100 percent of our students under NCLB.